Introducing JUICE, the Candle

Introducing JUICE, the Candle

Hundreds of samples, scent combinations, and construction variants later, the time has finally come. I’m pumped to announce the debut product from MAKO__LAB, the JUICE candle.

This launch is not something taken lightly. MAKO__LAB is not a brand willing to settle with a subpar design in favor of hitting a timeline. The research and development process has taken much longer than ever anticipated in pursuit of a complete product.

The delays have largely been due to dozens of minor tweaks to the fragrance formula. If there’s one thing I won’t let MAKO__LAB be known for, it’s being ordinary. The adjustments were about finding a balance between unfamiliar and satisfying in the scent. 

The final formula results in a fresh, citrus forward candle, with surprising notes of agave and fresh cut grass in the middle. 

It’s sipping mimosas in a prairie, in a candle. 

JUICE is available now in limited quantities. You’re not gonna want to miss out. 

This is just the beginning though. FLEUR up next. Subscribe to the email list for updates.

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